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The BIGGEST difference that you will find between this Web site and others that offer downloads for the various flight simulations is that whenever possible I have attempted to create an "installation" program for the downloads...No more having to create folders, and then copying and/or moving files. The installation program does all of this for you AUTOMATICALLY. So, where possible, all you have to do is to simply double-click on the installation program and enjoy! I strongly encourage you to visit the Installation Page to see how this program works before downloading any of the wonderful add-ons from this site.

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This section will go into detail concerning the use of the new Weapons Plus file. You will need to set the positions of the various mount.n hardpoints appropriately to place the payloads where you want them (as with all payloads).



This is actually the combination of the visual model of the Japanese 200l Drop tank coupled with the Impact effect of the 2,000lb bomb.


mount.1=wep_pylon_ja_wing, 1, -1

mount.2=wep_napalm, 1, 5

mount.3=wep_pylon_ja_wing, 1, -1

mount.4=wep_napalm, 1, -1

This will put one "canister" under each wing (assuming you have located the appropriate hard points there!)


This is the CFS1 Rocket model. Sharp pointed. Effect is the same as the standard US 5" Rocket.


mount.6=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.7=wep_rocket, 1, 9

mount.8=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.9=wep_rocket, 1, -1

mount.10=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.11=wep_rocket, 1, 13

mount.12=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.13=wep_rocket, 1, -1

mount.14=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.15=wep_rocket, 1, 17

mount.16=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.17=wep_rocket, 1, -1

mount.18=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.19=wep_rocket, 1, 21

mount.20=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1

mount.21=wep_rocket, 1, -1

This will place four (4) rockets under each wing



This is actually designed to be used in conjunction with wep_rocket_pod. Place the weapon (which will appear as a single miniature rocket) where you want then place a pod so that the rocket is concealed inside it. This weapon is a multiple weapon. If your "ordnance" button on the joystick is set to autorepeat (or if you use the keyboard) the rockets will be fired rapidly one after the other as long as you keep it pressed. This weapon contains 10 rockets of about 10kg each or 25 of about 6kg. These need to be treated slightly differently in the damage profile file as the "Ammo Level" is determined there.


mount.6=wep_pod_rocket, 1, -1

mount.7=wep_multi_rocket_25, 25, 9

(mount.7=wep_multi_rocket_10, 10, 9)

mount.8=wep_pod_rocket, 1, -1

mount.9=wep_multi_rocket_25, 25, -1

(mount.9=wep_multi_rocket_10, 10, -1)

The 10 or 25 instead of the usual 1 following the weapon name determines how many rockets. The actual rockets are scaled versions of the CFS1 rocket. The '25' rocket is smaller than the '10'. NOTE: To get the full quota of mini rockets you will need to have the Aircraft's Rocket Gunposition and Gun set as described below in the Aircraft DP's section. Using a normal 6 Rocket CFS1 DP you will find you only get 12 Rockets. Setting the value much higher (I use 150) will allow the full 20 or 50 rockets.


This is a mounting to be used with the _multi_rocket_ weapons (see above).


This is an alternative 500lb/250kg Bomb using the CFS1 Bomb as a visual object.


An alternative torpedo. Currently exactly the same as the US Mk 13.


This is an enlarged and stretched version of the CFS1 Bomb object allied to a DP that gives over twice the destruction of a 2,000lb Bomb.


This is a representation of the Henschel Hs293A Winged Rocket or "rocket-bomb" used for long range attacks (up to 18km). Visual model created by Greg Law. Temporarily textured using the default US/Japan textures. Still restricted to the normal CFS2 rocket flight but has the destructive power of a 500kg Bomb.


"Air-burst" version of the standard rocket (slightly reshaped). Will explode 8 seconds after launch. Similar to the sort used by the Luftwaffe against large bomber formations.


In order for Aircraft to be able to use Bombs or Rockets they will need an appropriate GunStation and Gun setting for each type. The examples used here should be used to replace any CFS1 Rocket and bomb GunPositions & Guns in order that the damage specified for the weapon in its own dp will be used. Note that the Gunstation and Gun numbers used here should be altered to suit the numbers in the particular Aircraft`s DP file. Just start with the next number after the real MGs and Cannons.

The Rocket Gunposition is:


The Bomb Gunposition is:


Also to be added are the Gun details for each position. The first number after the = is a "Maximum Allowed" figure. I have used 150 for the Rocket so that the Multi Rocket weapons can be used without being limited to the more usual 6!




The CFS2 Damage Profile Payload sections seem to work in the following fashion:


The number_of_weapons will usually be 1 but sometimes (like for Bombs carried internally) this may be 2 or more. If so then it will act like "ammunition". You can fire this "weapon" that number of times.

The other_mount_to_fire is -1 if the weapon fires alone (or for pure "mounts" that don't actually fire anything), otherwise it is the number of the companion mount

Examples :

mount.6=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1 ;just a mount
mount.7=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, 9 ;single weapon - fired with mount.9
mount.8=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.9=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, -1 ;single weapon - also fires mount.7
mount.10=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.11=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, 13 ;single weapon - fired with mount.13
mount.12=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.13=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, -1 ;single weapon - also fires mount.11
mount.14=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.15=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, 17
mount.16=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.17=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, -1
mount.18=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.19=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, 21
mount.20=wep_pylon_us_rocket, 1, -1
mount.21=wep_us_5_rocket_navy, 1, -1

mount.6=wep_pod_rocket, 1, -1 ;just a mount
mount.7=wep_multi_rocket_25, 25, 9 ;25 rockets linked to mount.9
mount.8=wep_pod_rocket, 1, -1
mount.9=wep_multi_rocket_25, 25, -1 ;this will fire with mount.7
mount.0=wep_pylon_ja_wing, 1, -1
mount.1=wep_napalm, 1, -1 ;single weapon. Fires on its own

The number of mounts you can use in a damage profile seems to be limited to 22 (mount.0 to mount.21)

Payloads will only function correctly if the Aircraft Damage Profile file contains appropriate "dummy" gunstations and guns for the given weapon type

gunstation.4=2,-1,4,0.00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ;Rockets
gunstation.5=3,21,8,0.00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ;Bombs
gunstation.6=5,62,32,0.00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 ;Torpedos

Each gunstation will have a corresponding gun.x entry further down the damage profile. The values in this entry set the maximum of a particular weapon type that can be carried. Often the "Bomb" gunstation will have a gun setting like:


and this means that the aircraft will not carry more than 3 bombs. This number can safely be altered to a number greater than the maximum number of bombs you will ever put in a payload.




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